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1. There will be a $20 fee assessed for a returned check.  

2. All individual images are cropped to fit, not a full body, except for the statuettes.

3. Twenty-one [21] day estimated delivery from picture day.

4. The printing company no longer stores the files after ONE month, so please claim all orders one month from delivery.  I cannot be responsible for unclaimed or unsettled issues after this period.  

5. Reorders or corrections will be dropped off at the organizing sports office for your convenience. There are no mailing options.

6. Double check your order; you are responsible for how you fill out the order form.

7. Please take a picture of this order form for your records.

8. Filling out this form means that you agree and are cool with this. These provisions are to prevent any miscommunication and especially misunderstanding for this transaction.  


Thank you for your understanding