One SINGLE digital file of the best shot of your kiddo from Picture Day. A single Hi Resolution JPEG image. This will be delivered DIRECTLY TO YOUR EMAIL vendors producing the products no longer burn cd's.  You will have the copyrights to reproduce this image on photo products for personal use for perpetuity. This SINGLE digital file includes a 5x7 PRINTED team picture. The team picture will be delivered with the team orders. If this is too pricy, and HAVE A PHONE CAMERA 7 and above, I recommend you shoot the picture yourself, those photo cameras are excellent! If you don't have a camera or do not want to shoot it yourself, I am more than happy to provide a SINGLE hi res file that will be lit with studio lights that you can then print to your heart's content. Note some backgrounds in the area are not very pretty, so consider this before paying for a digital file. The pricing structure is the industry standard; one digital file for the price. Cost considerations are: it's considered a sitting fee, typical expense for camera, lights, hired staff and the convenience plus you receive a $6 5x7 team picture.  WHAT YOU SEE AT THE BACKGROUND IS WHAT YOU WILL GET. THERE is nothing fancy about this. It’s more a convenience if you don’t have a phone. I highly discourage this product. We will shoot the best we can but can’t be responsible for the background the league provides.