I am a professional photojournalist with 30 years experience, the last 15 years being for the Columbus Dispatch newspaper. 


Prior to working in Columbus, I worked for International news wire services; Reuters and the Associated Press. I've been on staff with several newspapers: Las Vegas Sun, Victor Valley Daily Press and have worked with other newspapers and magazines around the country.


I’ve covered major news events, from 9/11 in NYC to presidential campaigns. I’ve also worked as a sports photographer covering sporting events from little league games, to NCAA college bowl games to professional sports in every major league from NHL to the NFL, prize fighting and most every sport in-between.


                                                         I still enjoy shooting news and                                                                sporting events, and also enjoy                                                              photographing more intimate                                                                  occasions, such as senior                                                                        pictures, weddings and                                                                            family portraits. In 2013,

                                                         I decided to retire from the                                                                      newspaper business and become                                                          more active in the lives of my                                                                  sons, Daniel and Zachary.


                                                         I set up this business because as                                                            much as I love traveling and                                                                    covering news and shooting sporting events on a daily basis, I love Grove City and its people and I am passionate about being an active participant in my community.  I'm also building this business for the future when my boys head off to their next adventures and leave the nest.

My primary photography work is in photojournalism both with stills and with video. I love telling stories and shooting sports. Picture Day is a labor or love, as in, love my Grove City.

I photograph your kids like they were my own.

How this team sports photo biz started


Back around 2010, in the middle of my photojournalism career, I found myself coaching my son’s soccer team at the First Baptist Church of Grove City in my free moments.


As the photos were being handed out on Picture Day, Pastor Jeff Bain and asked if I would be interested in taking the official team and individual pics for his Upward teams.


As both a photojournalist and a father it was the perfect opportunity for me to get more involved in the community, while still supporting my children and their activities. I jumped at the chance and the rest is history.
















My Intent


It is my goal to make the Picture Day process as convenient and simple as possible so that we can capture the best moment of your kiddo during this rite of passage.


I’ve devoted a lot of time refining this process by speaking with other photographers about their process, working with different professional printing houses and, most importantly surveyed my most valuable resource in this entire equation, you, the parent. 


As a father, I cherish the moments I have with my children playing sports because I believe it has allowed them to spread their wings and discover their talents and gifts. Having these moments captured in a professional quality photo is invaluable, so I am devoted to making sure we get the best possible pictuer of your child.


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